Business Continuity

Tornadoes, floods, or fires can hit your business without warning. Are you prepared to recover from one quickly so clients aren’t inconvenienced?

Do you know your Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?

Every good BC/DR plan includes an easy-to-read document that outlines clear objectives. Chief among them is the RTO, which is the maximum length of time your IT can be down before you violate your customer service agreements. Here’s how we’ll help you determine the RTO that’s appropriate for your customers:

  1. Identify which hardware components and software applications are most important to meeting customers’ needs.
  2. Evaluate how long it takes to reconnect and reconfigure them so that they’re returned to standard operating condition.
  3. Create detailed procedures to prioritize which hardware and software to attend to first, and conduct tests to ensure your RTO is attainable.

How will our Business Continuity consulting benefit your business?

By ensuring you have a plan in place to get your IT back online immediately after disaster has struck. Find out more...

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