Microsoft Azure

An agile cloud platform that boosts workforce productivity and improves operational efficiency.


Flexible Options

Our pay-as-you-go service gives you the option to choose the level of functionality based on your goals and budget.


Seamless Collaboration

Securely connect to feature-rich office applications from any location, using any device.


Industry Compliance

Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform guarantees strict compliance with industry standards.


Disaster Recovery

With our global and regional failover options, hot/cold standby modes, and rolling reboots, your systems will always stay online.


Routine Updates

Azure is set up to automatically implement patches and updates so you’re always using the latest, safest version.


Total Management

We provide all-inclusive lifecycle management solutions for your apps, including support, maintenance, testing, and migration.

Microsoft Azure makes your work life easy

Reliance has partnered with Microsoft to give you access to enterprise-class productivity apps at small-business rates. We help you leverage next-gen IT to streamline your business processes and reduce your operational expenses. We can also design and develop custom solutions based on your specific requirements, objectives, and budget. Whatever it is that you need to optimize your operations and gain a competitive edge, we’ve got you covered.

How will Microsoft Azure benefit your business?

By moving your processes to the Azure cloud, you can have access to the most up-to-date infrastructure and programs on the market, giving you a much-needed edge over your competition. Find out more...

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